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Join us for 45-minute cycling classes. We offer performance building, rhythm focused, and mixed classes weekly. Our bikes are fitted with adjustable shoe cages or SPD clips. Cycling shoes with SPD clips are recommended but not required. We also offer some rentable services such as shoes and towels.

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Flexibility CLASSES

Join us for 45-minute all levels flexibility classes. We offer various yoga specialties and ELDOA method classes weekly. Yoga classes focus on building physical and mental strength and flexibility. ELDOA method is a unique stretching practice that focuses on expanding the space between the vertebrae in the back. Blocks and straps are available. We also offer some rentable services such as yoga mats.

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Suspension Training

Join us for 45-minute TRX suspension training classes. We offer Beginners, Core + Legs, and Core + Upper body classes weekly. Suspension training uses nylon straps anchored to the wall and our body weight to build strength and fitness. These classes focus on the ins and outs of using the suspension straps fluidly for a full body workout.

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Zumba® or StrongNation®

Join us for a 60-minute Zumba® or StrongNation® workout that mixes dance and exercise moves to the beat of latin inspired music! No dance experience required!

Our trainers will get you moving and keep you moving for anything that life throws at you!

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