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Private Training


We offer personalized training and undivided attention during these private sessions. Training is tailored to build towards your fitness and life goals. Whether its activities of daily living, strength, power, agility, speed, endurance, or sport specific conditioning, we’ve got you covered.

Strength Training

Strength is an integral part to anyone’s fitness and general well-being. We personalize your strength needs to improve activities of daily living, increase muscle tone, help lose weight, maintain your recovery post-physical therapy, and balance your aches and pains.

Sports Conditioning

We specialize in working with all athletes looking to improve their performance at any stage of life. Our experiences include all CIF sports, club sports, and extreme sports. We’ve got you covered to be ready for life’s adventures and challenges year-round.


We offer this great 1-on-1 fitness workout! Learn a martial art while improving your strength, confidence, stamina, and balance. Kickboxing can also be integrated into your normal routine to augment your fitness while keeping things interesting so you never get bored.

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Small Group Personal Training

Mix things up by bringing a friend! These sessions are semi-private with a maximum of 4 clients per session. Clients prefer this option as a great way to workout, have fun, and save a little cash.

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We offer in-person or virtual training options to exercise in the comfort of your own home. We are prepared to use your own equipment or bring equipment from our facility to enhance your workout. In-home training is a great option for those looking to expand their routine outside the gym, working parents, or anyone looking to reduce their commute time.

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Our trainers will get you moving and keep you moving for anything that life throws at you!

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